Santa Barbara's premier boutique fitness facility focused on training, nutrition, recovery, and a complete wellness experience.


Craig Donen, Co-Founder and Head Trainer


I think boutique fitness facilities that focus on delivering an amazing experience, several styles of training, and a complete approach is what the future of wellness looks like. Now, that concept is a reality at THE BASE. 

I have been a trainer for 20 years and am driven to constantly improve the training experience for my clients. I found that an innovative and open-minded approach that derives from several styles of training is essential to create the best and most individualized sessions. I focus on a progression that begins with proper movement, technique and mechanics. The Base ensures that our team does the same so that best results are achieved for our clients. This approach translates to any fitness level. 

The concept behind THE BASE is to deliver an unparalleled experience by having a location that is flowing with energy, music and inspiration. Assembling a diverse group of professionals including trainers, nutritionists, yoga teachers, Pilates instructors, strength coaches, body work experts, and others is essential to achieve this complete approach. That type of collaboration inspires and creates a contagious culture for our community and facility.